How to Shoot a Computer Screen in 5 Simple Steps

Showing off great design and a superb user experience is essential when marketing any SaaS product.  You can tell people what problem it solves and how it will change their life, but unless it also looks like something they’d love to use, your customer will lose interest.

Because of this, SaaS companies often need to create a number of videos capturing their interface and UX.  The most common way to do this is to simply pull “screenshot video”  captured directly from your computer.  This is a “quick and dirty” viable solution, but what if you want to stand out from the masses and do something that highlights your product in a more creative way?  In this case, consider shooting the screen interaction with a DSLR camera.  While it takes a little preparation, when done correctly, this can have a great effect.  Check out this video tutorial of Creative Director Gabe Gerzon laying out the do’s and don’ts of capturing great screen video in a way that stands out!


The Skyscope Thanksgiving Rap!

The Skyscope Thanksgiving rap is here! Naturally, it is mainly about how thankful we are for great video and the opportunities it brings for business use.  Enjoy a good laugh and keep reading below to find out the full backstory of the how and why this video came to be.

The Ivy Corset Building is one of the most historic buildings in all of Worcester. Other than being home to one of the first women owned business in the US, this old mill building has recently been revived into a multi office space flourishing with creativity and innovation. It has retained its historic charm while receiving some much needed upgrades – including LED lighting, kitchens and our beloved communal lounge complete with a pool, ping pong and foosball tables.

Working in a shared building has helped us foster relationships with an array of interesting people, even a private investigator. When our friend Jon Bettinger moved into the building with Chimney Tree Studios we knew some exciting things were in the future. Chimney Tree is fast becoming one of the best studios in all of New England for hip-hop and R&B production.

Needless to say, the Skyteam was excited to try our hand at hip-hop and get into the booth. We wanted to give thanks this Thanksgiving with a special musical treat, original rhymes and all. Fortunately for you (and your earbuds) their hip hop expertise turned the Skyscope team into the Beastie Boys 2.0.
We don’t always have the time to engage in these shenanigans but when we do we let it all hang out. After all, company culture is essential to our success here at Skyscope, and “creative” IS in our name, so we have to keep those creative juices flowing.

Enjoy this Skyscope Exclusive!

Skyscope Creative

Spotlight on Video Content Marketing

Interruptive advertising is fast becoming a thing of the past. To stand out today, brands must be publishers, continually engaging customers with information they find genuinely useful and entertaining.

This is not a new insight per se, however a new term has been coined to popularize it in the modern age: Content Marketing. Essentially, the aim of content marketing is to provide your audience with valuable things they actually enjoy – not stuff that interrupts them and insults their intelligence by trying to “sell” them. Not surprisingly, this philosophy pays off. Over 90% of CMOs believe that custom content has a positive effect on audience attitudes and strengthens the bond with consumers.[Source]

So what’s a good example of how this applies in the world of corporate video? Have a look at this piece we produced recently for dunnhumby, the world’s leading customer science company. The video tells the story of their recent global “Product Launch Hackathon” – Wherein everyday engineers and data scientists were tasked with solving a real business problem dunnhumby faced.

While the video does provide useful context surrounding the dunnhumby mission and values, it’s main focus is to engage and inspire potential (and current) dunnhumby customers, demonstrating dunnhumby’s clear position as a “thought leader” in the data science industry. By utilizing numerous cinematic techniques such as time lapses and “steadicam” work, care is taken to make it a pleasure to watch visually for the audience, not simply an informing and inspiring story featuring the dunnhumby brand.

Because video is one of the most expensive items in the content marketing mix, some organizations are unsure of where to start and how to develop their content plan. At Skyscope, we take brands through the whole process, from strategy, concept, creation, and then distribution. Because we are fully integrated, with our production and strategy teams under one roof, we’re able to develop and produce effective content at a disruptive speed. Shoot us an email at if you’d like to hear how we can create a brand video content campaign that increases your bottom line.

Why Your Business Event Needs A Showcase Video

There is no denying the power of a face to face connection. While it is conceptually easier than ever to engage your business community via online channels, the signal-to-noise ratio present has made in-person business events and conferences more relevant than ever.

Whether it is a global conference or an industry awards show, organizations make significant investments to create memorable experiences. More than ever, brands are looking to capture these notable experiences with video.

Here is a new event showcase video we had pleasure of producing last month for the New England Venture Capital Association 2013 NEVY Award Show. In short, the NEVY’s are the Oscars for New England’s technology innovation scene. The startup and venture capital community’s best and brightest were on all on hand to receive awards, socialize, and party like it was 1999.

Done right, an event video is an invaluable promotional resource. A short showcase video captures the energy and excitement surrounding the event in an unparalleled way. When it is time to sell tickets next year, or recruit more sponsors for your next event, don’t just tell people how incredible it was… Show them!

Skyscope Creative is a video solutions consultancy that designs and implements videos that solve business challenges. Want to learn more about who we are and how we work? Get in touch:

Using Video For Internal Enterprise Communication

Video is ideal for for telling the stories that build trust with your customers and scaling your key messages, so it’s no surprise most technology companies invest primarily in customer facing videos, e.g. videos that will be used specifically for “external” sales and marketing communication.

The biggest strategic asset of any technology company however, from the large enterprise to the small startup, is the talented people it is able to attract and retain.

Here is a behind the scenes look from a segment of an internal communication video we are currently producing for GSN Digital.

The best performing companies have top notch communcation. All team members understand exactly how their role in the business matters, and have a crystal clear understanding of the mission, vision, and core values of the company. As companies grow and teams become distributed globaly, internal communication must scale to match this growth. Video can play an essential role in this.

Ask Skyscope Creative how we can help scale the key stories that drive your enterprise.

Win Customers Over With Behind-the-Scenes Video

Creating compelling video content that gives prospects the inside view of your business is one of the simplest and most effective ways to demonstrate your expertise, showcase your talented and personable team, and build the trust that drives new business.

Here is a behind-the-scenes look at the Skyteam in action on a recent shoot for FitnessClick, a social media marketing startup for performance health clubs.

Behind-the-scenes videos have been utilized effectively by organizations such as IBM and GE to engage their audience, so why aren’t more brands following suit?

Three common excuses why most organizations aren’t utilizing behind-the-scenes video.

1. Perceived privacy & IP risk. Showing the behind-the-scenes is a departure from the old paradigm of business secrecy. For companies with real IP to protect, showing some of the “secret sauce” can seem like a risky proposition.

Some brands are “laggards” in terms of changing their attitude towards behind-the-scenes content. Brands should however, at least entertain the process and strive to find an ideal balance between establishing trust and protecting trade secrets. An outside consultancy can provide the perspective needed to find an ideal medium.

2. Lack of belief in the final product. Thinking their solutions are “unsexy” and customers will not be interested.

A common excuse for not giving customers the inside view goes something like “ that makes sense if you are a creative services company, but we build enterprise software.” This is perhaps the easiest challenge to solve, as every single business has some something that makes them unique, or else they would not still be in business. Maybe instead of your highly technical product development (which the end user may or may not care about) – you highlight your awesome implementation process and customer service.

3. Lack of production skill. Customers want to see behind-the-scenes, not hear about it in a press release or blog post, so video is the ideal medium to give them the inside look. Good video takes a specialist to produce however, and poor video, especially when it’s a behind-the-scenes look at your company, can do more harm than good.

Skyscope Creative is a video communication consultancy with a fully integrated production department. If you see potential value in a series of behind the scenes videos of your enterprise, but need a solution to any (or all) of the three challenges discussed, get in touch.

Whether it’s your design, development, customer service, or company culture, figure out what makes you unique and highlight it. Don’t underestimate people’s interest in seeing how your “secret sauce” is made. Let prospects and customers see the inside view – you’ll stand out and win new business because of it!

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Think Like an Entrepreneur: Guest Lecture by Skyscope Creative

How does thinking like an entrepreneur help you kick ass in business and in life?

Hear some humourous stories about the founding of Skyscope and find out what cofounders Alex and Sam have to say about it in their recent guest lecture at the Clark University – Innovation & Entrepreneurship event, “The World is Yours.”

The talk was centered on challenging conventional wisdom and highlighting unconventional principles and tactics that are surprisingly effective.

5 Principles of Entrepreneurship That’ll Help You Kick Ass

1. Pain points are good! Learn to reframe challenges as opportunities for innovation and profit.

For many people, a problem with an existing product or service is something to complain about. For the entrepreneur, this is a signal that there is opportunity to improve on it…and within this opportunity lies a profit.

2. Focus! Prioritize on doing one thing better than everyone else.

Startups can be hesitant to target a narrow and specific niche since it can feel like you are losing opportunities from the market at large. The reality is that specialists stand out to buyers. Don’t try to appeal to everyone. The same goes for your product or service. Don’t fall into the “featuritis” trap. Instead, focus on doing less…just do it better than anyone else out there!

3. Set Real Goals! Most people agree but in reality set ineffective ones.

95% of the entrepreneurs you ask will say they set goals for their startup. The issue is, the majority really just have ideas about what they hope will happen, not true goals! Setting S.M.A.R.T. (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time based) goals is a start, but you also want to set big goals that almost anyone outside your company would deem unrealistic. Having a big vision keeps you motivated when the going gets tough.

4. Sell! Sales is not what you think…and more important than you imagine.

As the saying goes, sales cure all. Many people have adopted the conventional wisdom that sales is all about pitching why you are better: “My product this, my product that.” In reality, no one cares about “you,” and whether it’s an email or a sales call, as soon as you start talking about why your product or service is sooooo much better than your competitors, most people tune out. Discuss and make suggestions about how you can help them. If they want to hear why you are different, they’ll ask!

5. Branding Matters! Branding choices affect every aspect of your business.

Branding may start with design and visual perception, but it cascades through every aspect of your business. It’s never too early to consider the brand message that will resonate with your target audience.

As past Clark graduates, it was awesome to come back and be on the other side of the classroom for a change! Many great questions from the students…very excited for the bright futures awaiting these Clarkies!

Boston Startups Learn to Win with Seth Godin (Video)

Just over a month ago we shot a riveting event over at that featured master storyteller and blogger extraordinaire Seth Godin.

The format was unusual, but refreshing; from a group of over 100 applicants, selected a handful of Boston startups to serve up their greatest marketing challenges to Godin for advice. Head over to’s blog to watch the video.

Skyscope Creative is a web video production company specializing in business video production for technology innovators.  Say goodbye to boring corporate videos.  Look for our video production services in Worcester, Boston, Providence, and NYC.

The “Harlem Shake” Gold Rush

“The Harlem Shake,” and Internet memes in general, are a lot like gold rushes.

At first, they’re exciting and new, and everyone wants to hit the “mother lode” and score a million hitter on YouTube. The original “Harlem Shake” video was uploaded on January 30th and immediately set off a mad dash to replicate its success. YouTubers ravenously mined the meme and uploaded over 12,000 versions within the first 12 days of February. By the time the dust settled, everyone and their mother had witnessed a profusion of offices, students, sports teams, and even small armies unleash a dance enferno of unabashed emotion.

Although the original “Shake” video was first seen less than a month ago, it has already lost most of its original appeal, much like a massive rush on a prolific gold field. Soon, our collective memory of the “Harlem Shake’s” explosive popularity will fade and we’ll all glom on to the next alluring meme.

Regardless of its short lived fame, the Internet had a field day with The Harlem Shake…and so did we. Here’s Skyscope’s unusual rendition, shot last weekend. Enjoy.

Skyscope Creative is a web video production company specializing in business video production for technology innovators.  Say goodbye to boring corporate videos.  Look for our video production services in Worcester, Boston, Providence, and NYC.

Canon 5D Mark II vs. Mark III from the Videographer’s POV

Hey guys, so we recently got a new Canon 5D Mark II and wanted to talk about why we still think it’s the best value for price conscious DSLR shooters over the newer Mark III. Curious why we think a 5 year old camera can still compete with one from last year? Check out the video below.

This keyword-heavy content piece was a good opportunity to practice what we preached in our SEO blog post and input a video transcript for YouTube. This is super easy (if sometimes monotonous if you didn’t script your video!) and can improve your SEO in a big way. Though Google’s getting better at crawling videos, uploading transcripts is a necessary step to take if you want to make sure search engines know your video and its content. Because a transcript associates searchable text with your video, including one boosts the likelihood people will arrive at your video from a web search containing keywords that appear in your video.

Uploading a Trascript to YouTube

•Save your video transcription in a plain-text file format (TextEdit on Mac, for example).
•Head to the YouTube Video Manager and find your video. Click the drop down arrow and select “Captions.”
•Click “Upload caption file or transcript” and select your file. Voila! That’s it.

Skyscope Creative is a web video production company specializing in business video production for technology innovators.  Say goodbye to boring corporate videos.  Look for our video production services in Worcester, Boston, Providence, and NYC.