Sam Shepler – CEO

Sam brings almost ten years of video production experience to Skyscope. Studying film and communication as an undergraduate, he learned to combine his talents for cinematic storytelling with marketing strategy. Sam launched Skyscope with Gabe and Alex anticipating the growing need for online business video while completing his M.S. in Professional Communication at Clark University. The company was founded on the idea that effective business video is something customers will actually enjoy watching.  In his free time, Sam enjoys reading, exercising, and traveling.



 Gabe Gerzon – Creative Director

The power of cinematic storytelling has always captivated Gabe, and as Creative Director he works closely with clients to ensure their video has both stunning visuals and a powerful message. Gabe earned his M.S. in Professional Communication from Clark University in 2012 and graduated Magna Cum Laude with highest honors in Communication & Culture in 2011. If he’s not behind the lens or editing at the “Launchpad,” Gabe’s probably strumming his Epiphone or shooting hoops.




Alex Dunn – Operations Director

Alex oversees daily operations at Skyscope and makes sure that every system driving the business is functioning optimally.  After completing his music technology degree he went on to earn his MBA with a concentration in marketing at Clark University. In addition to being the resident audio expert on all projects, Alex oversees the Skyscope customer experience. His goal is to turn the complex process of video production into an easy and fun experience. When he’s not producing content for Skyscope, Alex enjoys cooking and playing golf.